About Me

My mother loved the name Tammy after the more "wholesome look alike version" of Barbie that was very popular in the 60's. My father named my Lynn after a favorite cousin no matter if I would have been a boy my middle was going to be Lynn.

I married my first husband at the age of twenty after seven years of marriage we divorced and parted ways.

I remarried a few years later into an istant family and loved and still do we add two more to our happy family. 

So I am a stay at home mom of four and a happy Army Wife.

My father died when I a a baby and I knew that the Vacik last name was not that common so I had a favorite day dream that that I was a lost descendant of  some very rich Bohemian gypsy. Hey a little girl can dream. That started my journey to genealogy. 

So after years of amateur research I am stepping this up a notch and blogging.